Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hello Dear Reader,
On January 1, 1979, Grandpa (Wesley Carol Carter) went to work in the church office building in Salt Lake City. On March 1st, he became area supervisor for Area No. 3. He commuted to Salt Lake from Provo every day except when he traveled to the chapels under construction in his area. He worked about one week in the office and, alternately, the next week on the road.

During the summer months that year he finished laying the block foundation on the cabin at Gooseberry Lake. He also became High Priest group leader of the Rivergrove 2nd Ward. It was nice to be back in Utah.

But, from the time he and Grandma (Mary Hall Carter) returned he knew there was a possibility that the areas of the Church Building Division could be decentralized. That meant that there was a possibility that they might have to heave their beloved home again.

Aunt Genni

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