Monday, August 31, 2009


Hello Dear Reader,
After Grandma (Mary Hall) Carter had been released from the hospital a few days Grandma (Caroline) Hall took Mary and all four children to Las Vegas on the train. The three older children were recovering from the mumps. I don’t know how long we spent in Vegas while Grandma Hall helped with the new baby and she and Grandpa (Laning) Hall enjoyed playing with the children and taking care of their daughter.

I often heard the story of Wes taking us to the train to see us off and trying to get me to say, “Bye, bye.” Instead I stuck out my tongue and said, “Bah, bah, Daddy.” I guess I was ornery even at that young age. Now you know—it’s in my nature!
Aunt Genni

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Jill said...

Hahaha! That was just the laugh I needed this morning. I had heard Grandpa tell that story before but I had forgotten all about it.