Monday, August 17, 2009

A Side Note

Hello Dear Reader,
Last night we returned from a quick trip to Vancouver, Washington where we attended Dave’s 50th class reunion, an “old timers’” reunion for the Vancouver Ward, and celebrated his dad’s 95th birthday. It was a good trip and I was able to cram a lot into the two days we were there.

One of my jaunts was to the Clark County Historical Society and Museum where I hoped to find records of some shirttail relatives of Mark G. Fifield and his mother, Eliza. I had learned on-line that these relatives were buried in Vancouver. The first thing the volunteers asked was who I was looking for. When I replied, “Jeremiah and Electra Bates Hathaway,” they asked if I was the person who had just sent the e-mail about their journal.

Of course I knew nothing about the e-mail and didn’t know that a journal existed. But apparently Jeremiah and Electra kept an overland journal of their trip along the Oregon Trail. The Hathaways were some of the earliest settlers of the Vancouver/Portland area. The Society is trying to locate the journal now and promised to let me know if they find it. They also said they would give the man who sent the inquiry my e-mail address and tell him of my interest if he wants to contact me. I am always amazed at the possibilities that open when I make a little effort towards my book.
Aunt Genni

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