Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life Goes On--Even Better

Hello Dear Reader,
It wasn't long until the Carter family settled into a routine. Neither Grandpa or Grandma mention anything specific in their life stories after summer and for the rest of 1964 except that the three children still at home were in school and that we moved from Stone Mountain into Decatur. I seem to remember that the lease was up on the house in Stone Mountain. But, anyway, the move put Grandpa closer to his office in Decatur and it was only a few minutes more for Marilyn and LeAnn to get to school. Billy had to change schools again but he seemed to be happy.

We were now about 10 minutes closer to the stake center in Atlanta where we attended church. Grandma was called to serve as a counselor in the Atlanta Stake Relief Society presidency and we made many good friends at church.

We all learned to appreciate the Southern culture. The civility of the Southern people, their hospitality, their soft-spoken ways, their charm, and their gentle sense of humor all enhanced our outlook on life and made us better people for being there. The slower pace of life, the beauty of the area, and the mild climate also contributed to our sense of well-being. It was easy to love living in the South.
Aunt Genni

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