Monday, May 2, 2011

Formal and Informal Education

Hello Dear Reader,
A new technical school was opening up in Clarkston, DeKalb County--a school free to anyone who lived in the area. This appeared to be an opportunity too good to pass up. So, with their drivers' licenses in their purses, LeAnn and Marilyn decided to inquire about the credentials and the courses that would be offered at the highly-touted school. After a tour of the facilities, LeAnn enrolled in Secretarial Science and Marilyn enrolled in Data Processing Technology. It would be fun to be in school together again. And this only about five minutes from home.

Thus began a new adventure for the Carter sisters. For the next eleven months every day was an adventure. Grandpa (Wes) and Grandma (Mary) Carter provided a car for them to drive. Sometimes it was the Volkswagon station wagon that the family had purchased in Germany--a total lemon. The girls had to be sure to park on a hill so, when the car wouldn't start, they could take off the emergency brake, roll down the hill, and pop the clutch to get the engine to turn over. They were learning more than secretarial and data processing skills.
Aunt Genni

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