Saturday, April 30, 2011

Everyday Holds a Possibility of a Miracle

Hello Dear Reader,
Grandpa (Wes) and Grandma (Mary) Carter were still on their mission although they had been relocated to the Southern States. Their call was for three years but they could only obtain British visas for two years hence the new assignment. But funds were still short and it seemed impossible for Marilyn to return to BYU. Meanwhile, Marilyn and LeAnn decided it was time to get their drivers' licenses. So, on a whim, they talked Grandma into taking them to the other side of Atlanta to be tested. They read the handbook on the way.

Somehow, they were both able to pass the written test and headed outdoors to take the driving part. An obstacle course had been set up in a large parking lot. They stood waiting and watching while one woman ahead of them drove through the obstacles. Her driving was pretty pathetic but she certainly had more experience than either of them had. She failed the test.

Now it was their turn. Marilyn went first. The examiner gave her all kinds of hints such as, "Let's see a little sunshine on that arm." Parallel parking wasn't even close.

Then it was LeAnn's turn. Grandma, Marilyn, and Billy all stood biting their nails as LeAnn gingerly made her way through the course. When she and the examiner got back to the starting point, however, she sat and talked to the man for a few minutes, let out a yelp, and threw her arms around his neck. Both girls had passed. That had to be the miracle of the summer. Grandpa was amazed.
Aunt Genni

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