Friday, April 22, 2011

The South Will Rise Again

Hello Dear Reader,
After returning to Utah for a short visit, Grandpa (Wesley C.) Carter flew to Atlanta, Georgia to begin setting up the Church Building Program in the Southeast United States. He took a limosine from the airport to a hotel, all the time wondering how to go about finding living accomodations and setting up an office.

He just got settled in his room when the telephone rang. It was Jack Joiner, president of the North Carolina Stake. President Joiner had been to Salt Lake for October Conference and had been informed that Grandpa would arrive in the South on that date. The two men met, went to dinner together, and began a lifelong friendship that Grandpa looked upon with great fondness.

Grandpa said, "It seems to me that the Lord always takes care of those who serve Him."
I couldn't agree more!
Aunt Genni

PS Although I didn't take a lot of classes this year the ones I took were very labor intensive. I have many clues about George Bradford who Grandma (Caroline) Hall searched for for many, many years. This past semester I did my project on the families (polygamist) of Leven Simmons.
Yesterday I received my grade and this evening I posted my research paper on Leven Simmons' page of the Family Thicket (as an attachment). I hope you enjoy it. It's not perfect but little is in the busy life of a student.

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