Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Going Home

Hello Dear Reader,
I don't remember much about our trip back to Great Britain but we left early on the morning of September 5th and went to Belgium where we boarded the ferry for our return. I do remember how excited we were to see the white cliffs as we approached Dover.

We spent a few days in the London area visiting friends and then returned to Scotland. On September 15, I left my family in Scotland to return to Provo. I looked forward to at least one trip back to the British Isles since the mission call was for three years but then, at the last fall conference in 1963, Wendell Mendenhall and George Biesinger informed Grandpa (Wesley) Carter that they were changing his assignment and he would be going to Atlanta, Georgia, to set up the Building Missionary Program in the southern United States.

The Paisley Ward had a farewell party for the family and presented them with a tartan blanket and other gifts. Then there was a dinner party given at the Scottish Mission home with more gifts. All of the building supervisors in Scotland were in attendance. Then, before the family left London, the Church Building Department also had a farewell party for Grandpa and Grandma. The family had made many wonderful friends in the time we were in Great Britain and experienced things we could never have imagined. But now it was time to be going home--at least back to America.
Aunt Genni



How neat that you have seen the white cliffs of Dover. My dad always talked about them. Only when he spotted them from his B-17 bomber did he feel safe again after many WWII flights. He even requested that song: "The White Cliffs of Dover" for his funeral and my sister played it on her oboe. Thanks for triggering a special memory for me. I love reading about your precious memories. Your family was/is outstanding and my family loved/loves each one of you.

Genni Hall O'Gee said...

The feeling is mutual!