Thursday, September 9, 2010

How It All Ends

Hello Dear Reader,
Continuing with Grandma (Mary) Carter's story, she had finally put up glass curtains for privacy:

"Today, three months later, my feelings about [the glass curtains] are dampened. I had invited a Scottish family to dinner and the subject eventually got around to my busy bus-stop corner. I told them about hanging my curtains for privacy. [The wife and mother] then told me that before she had known who lived here, she had asked a neighbor if there had been a death in the house, because funeral curtains were hanging in the windows. It seems to be the custom to hang white curtains such as mine at the windows at the time of a death.

Now maybe I should get in style and dye them "mauve." On second thought, privacy and my funeral curtains shall remain!" --submitted by Sister Mary Carter--Renfrew, Scotland

Just a note about the bus stop: In the winter, when it was very foggy out, a bus would pull up to the bus stop, the driver would open the door and shout, "Is this Wright Street, anyone?" As quickly as she could Grandma would go to the front door, open it, and shout back, "Yes, this is Wright Street!" And then, although she couldn't see the bus, she would hear it pull away.
Aunt Genni

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