Monday, September 6, 2010

A Great Tribute

Hello Dear Reader,
I mentioned Church Building Conferences before but there was one in particular that was very memorable for Grandpa (Wesley) Carter. This conference was held at the Hayes Conference Center, Swanwick, Derbyshire (pronounced Darbyshire), England on September 11-14, 1962. Grandpa had been assigned the responsibility of supervising the boys in various activities so he had lined up all kinds of games for them to participate in while all the other (adult) personnel were in meetings. Some of the activities he had planned included cricket, volleyball, soccer, badminton, and horse shoes. He also arranged dances where local youth were invited to the conference center, talent shows, and other such entertainment.

Grandpa was standing watching the building missionaries play cricket when they challenged him to hit the ball. He took the bat and knocked the ball over the fence amid much cheering; he lost the ball in the process. When it was time to go to the dining room for lunch the young men picked Grandpa up, placed him on their shoulders, and took him into the dining room singing, "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow." Grandpa considered that a great tribute, "One of the greatest tributes I ever had paid to me."
Aunt Genni

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