Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Glass Curtains

Hello Dear Reader,
When Grandma (Mary) Carter had to feed some of the Church Building missionaries lunch one day she was amused as they picked at their corn and one of them asked, "What are these wee bits of maize?" But back to Grandma's story. I continue from yesterday:

"I then read in a local paper where three housewives wanted the bus stops outside their front doors removed, and I quote, 'You can't do a thing in the front rooms of your house without being gaped at through the windows by someone on a bus.' I was already to join them in their campaign to remove the 'peeping Toms' then I decided that maybe glass curtains would be the answer. I definitely decided on them when the shop-keepers across the street informed me that they could see everything that went on in my house." (To be continued.)
Aunt Genni

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