Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holland at Last

Hello Dear Reader,
After traveling the autobahn all day we were happy to arrive in Holland where we drove to the home of Stan and Blanche Bird who had lived next door to us in Epsom. Sister Bird was a wonderful cook and had a lovely meal and beds ready for us. We were going to enjoy the next two days in Holland.

The Birds took us to several points of interest and we enjoyed the scenery and the native dress of the Dutch people; we visited two Dutch villages where the people had taken an oath to always wear their native costumes. We also visited Volendam and Amsterdam. We had no worries about the lanugage, the food, or finding a nice place to stay. We had our own personal tour guides who took good care of us. We sampled the local fast food, dressed up as a Dutch family, and had our portrait taken. It was a great end to a wonderful five-day vacation on the Continent.
Aunt Genni


Jill said...

That picture is classic. I just love it.

Genni Hall O'Gee said...

Me too!


Awesome. Love the photo too. Billy is so little. You and LeAnn are adorable!