Monday, September 20, 2010

From Swizerland to Germany

Hello Dear Reader,
After dinner and the adventure we had at the restaurant we were all ready to retire for the night. The second night of our trip was different from the first as we spent the night in a Swiss home (I guess we would say a B & B). I don't recall the sleeping arrangements but LeAnn and I shared a feather bed which, considering there were six of us in one room, was very hot. We both had rollers in our hair which were uncomfortable so we took the down comforter and wadded it up to make a sort of huge pillow. When Grandpa got up in the morning he remarked, "Well, look at that!" We all woke up laughing.

From Switzerland we entered Germany. We spent the whole day driving through Germany. We didn't stop at any special place. We enjoyed the beauty of the German countryside--mostly forest; in fact it was the Black Forest. At one point we passsed a convey of American GIs. Because Grandpa was driving a right-sided English car and was passing on the left like we do in America, he rolled down his window and yelled, "Hello GIs." The men all whistled and waved. That was the most exciting part of that day.
Aunt Genni

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