Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Adjusting to Scottish Ways

Hello Dear Reader,
As much as Grandpa (Wes) and Grandma (Mary) Carter loved Scotland there were some things they had to adjust to. Both of them needed to get driver's licenses which was no easy feat. The written part of the test wasn't too difficult but the driving part was pretty intense. Grandpa didn't pass the road test the first time he took it and had to go back. He had to have a valid driver's license because his calling entailed a lot of driving. I remember Grandma laughing as she told about her experience with the exam but she didn't write anything about it in her history and I can't remember the story--sorry.

With Grandpa gone most of the time, Grandma had to adjust in other ways as well. She wrote a short article which she submitted to The Builder, the official magazine of the European Church Building Missionary Program in which she told of one experience she had in Scotland:

"When I first moved to my home in Renfrew, Scotland, I noticed that every two or three minutes, double-decker busses would stop at the bus stop in front of my door. As the bus would start up, at least fifty or more heads would turn and look through my windows. If I was downstairs they would peer in from the lower deck, and if I was upstairs, the upper deck would get the grandstand view. I truly felt as if I were living in a fish bowl." (To be continued.)
Aunt Genni

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