Friday, September 3, 2010

Renfrew to London and Back

Hello Dear Reader,
Every Sunday when Grandpa (Wesley) Carter had dealt with church problems and building problems all week long he would shave, pack his bag, and go into Glasgow (Grandma drove) to catch the train The Royal Scotsman. He then rode all night to be at the London office first thing Monday morning for the weekly staff meeting. After the meeting he would fly back to Renfrew and Grandma would pick him up at the Renfrew Airport.

I don't remember if it was after Billy's baptism or after Christmas that I rode the train back down to London with Grandpa. We had ajoining sleeping rooms on the luxurious train--one of my fondest memories of travel in Great Britain. Grandpa came into my room and we talked until it was time for bed. Then Grandpa returned to his room and we each enjoyed a peaceful night's rest. The sleeper cars there were like regular rooms in a hotel unlike the cramped sleeper cars on American trains. But you can imagine doing that every week for over a year. Sometimes Grandpa got very tired of traveling.
Aunt Genni

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