Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hello Dear Reader,
The next morning, Sunday September 1, we left France and entered Switzerland. As we drove in through the Alps we were amazed at the breathtaking beauty of the place. We stopped once just to listen to cow bells ringing. We found our way to the Swiss temple and met some missionaries there who directed us to their favorite restaurant, Restaurant zur frohen Aussict, out in the country. We were ready for a good meal. Of course we were at a disadvantage because we couldn't speak the language but we entered a quaint little restaurant and were shown to some seats. We were the object of much curiosity.

After several minutes of trying to make our wants known (the only thing we could thing to say was, "Menu"), the waitress brought out a beautiful damask tablecloth and spread it on the table we were seated at. Then the food started to arrive--lots of it, all on silver platters. Grandpa (Wesley) Carter was so upset, thinking we would be spending all of our money on this one meal, that he told us we would have to go back to Great Britain the next day. Because Grandpa was so upset none of us had much of an appetite. Then the waitress brought us the bill. Grandpa looked it over and calculated it in American terms and the grand total for six of us was around $8.00.

Suddenly Grandpa got his appetite back and the rest of the family, although we had not eaten half of what had been brought to us, sighed with relief that our trip had not turned into a disaster.
Aunt Genni

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