Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Building Missionaries

Hello Dear Reader,
The project supervisors and their families all stayed with Grandpa and Grandma Carter before they were assigned to a building somewhere in the South. The boys who were to work with the project supervisors also stayed with them until they were assigned to a project. As these people trickled into the new area it was a very busy time for everyone, probably most especially Grandma. It probably felt to her as if she were running a hotel, not just a bed and breakfast. Full meals were provided.

Some of these "Building Missionaries," had never held a hammer before let alone built a building. Grandpa felt the full weight of training them, supervising them, loving them, correcting them, and encouraging them in the Gospel. He said, "In spite of all the trials and tribulations there was some joy and satisfaction in what we were trying to do."
Aunt Genni

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