Monday, April 25, 2011

DeKalb County

Hello Dear Reader,
Grandma (Mary) Carter said, "We were then called to go to the Southern states to open up the Church Building Missionary Program there. Kent went home and went into the service. My husband had an office at Decatur [DeKalb County], Georgia, and we lived not too far away at Stone Mountain, Georgia. Again we got to see new and beautiful sights as we traveled around the Southland.

"LeAnn was a senior in high school and graduated there. Billy enjoyed it more as he was accepted as a true blue "Reb," [having been] born in North Carolina. I worked for a while with the boys in Primary and then was called to be a counselor in the Atlanta Stake Relief Socieity presidency."

Shortly after Grandpa set up his new office in Decatur, project superintendents and their families started arriving. Marvelous experiences were in store for everyone involved in the Building Missionary program--and now the program had come to the Southern states.
Aunt Genni

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