Sunday, June 5, 2011

Losing Another Daughter--or Gaining Another Son?

Hello Dear Reader,
I don't remember exactly when Philip Youngblood returned from his mission and swept LeAnn off her feet but it was probably in the summer of 1965. It wasn't long until he proposed and the wedding was planned for December. The Salt Lake Temple seemed to be the only satisfactory place for their wedding to take place and so, at the beginning of December Grandpa (Wes), Grandma (Mary), Marilyn, LeAnn, and Billy piled into the car for the trip to Utah for the anticipated occasion.

Grandpa chose a southern route which took them across Texas at its widest point. It was probably the most boring trip the family had taken together to that point. Well, not completely boring. Long, boring stretches of road were interspersed with sheet terror that we wouldn't make it to the next gas station. We were all very happy to be out of Texas.

The wedding and reception were lovely but the family was sad to leave LeAnn in Provo with her new husband. She had always been a source of fun and laughter and it wasn't long until we missed her greatly.
Aunt Genni

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