Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pot Guts

Hello Dear Reader,
After Grandpa (Wes) Carter finished remodeling their home, he and Grandma (Mary) bought some property (five acres) in Fairview Canyon close to Gooseberry Resovoir. It was in a beautiful spot next to five acres owned by Uncle Gus and Aunt Lois Black. Grandpa and Grandma's property had two springs and they were excited to begin building a cabin where they could get away from the "rat race." The first order of business was to develop the springs and then the excavation could begin.

Grandpa dug the trench for the springs by hand. The dirt then had to be hauled away in a wheel barrow. He and Grandma both worked very hard all summer. Grandma, not fond of rodents, was a little nervous of the pot guts (prairie dogs) that seemed to be everywhere. There were other small animals as well. There were many beautiful wild flowers and fish were abundant in the resovoir. But when I think of Fairview Canyon, I first think of the pot guts.
Aunt Genni

P.S. Although my research on Dempsey Hood is not yet perfect, I have added my report to The Family Thicket. You can find it as an attachment under Harriet Bradford Simmons.

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By accident I stumbled upon The Family Thicket website and your blog. I love them both, and am impressed with your creativity and dedication.

I am a great-great-grandson of Edward Hall (Edwin's Twin) and have been looking for more information on Edwin's descendents.

Here is some information on the brothers and their father Jacob you might find interesting:

I would love to talk more; please email me (Ron) at