Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Changes

Hello Dear Reader,
In the spring of 1970 Grandpa (Wesley) Carter was given a new assignment. He was now to visit all the stakes in Utah County, south Salt Lake County, and Tooele County, every month. He liked this area better as he didn't have so far to trravel, cutting down on the time he was on the road. He was pleased to have more time to spend on the remodel of his and Grandma's house. Grandma was also pleased and said, ". . . each room turned out to be a masterpiece of skill and individuality."

While they spent time on the house itself, Grandpa and Grandma acquired more property behind their home  where they planted an orchard of fruit trees and berries. They also planted a wonderful vegetable garden in an ideal spot.

Grandma was especially happy to be close to Grandma (Caroline) Hall again as Grandma Hall was now in her eighties. The two women spent a lot of time together, visiting, quilting, working, and laughing--lots of laughing. Grandma Carter always loved her mother very much and thought she was one of the most wonderful people on earth. Life seemed full of happy changes for the Carters.
Aunt Genni

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