Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Painful Experience

Hello Dear Reader,
After the excavation on the addition to Grandpa and Grandma Carter's house was complete, Grandpa carted a wheelbarrow full of debris across the trench when the barrow tipped into the trench pullling Grandpa with it. This accident caused a separation of his shoulder and arm (rotary cuff) and he suffered in a lot of pain for two weeks not knowing the extent of his injury.

When he finally went to the doctor he was told he would have to be operated on which he agreed was necessary. Following the operation he was put into a cast that encircled his upper body and arm,  and which held his arm outward and upward. He was in the cast for nine very uncomfortable weeks.

The doctortold him that he would never again be able to raise his arm above his head. But Grandpa was determined that he would be able to use his arm and so, with faith, he proceeded to give himself therapy. He credited help from the Lord, self-determination, and a positive attitude with almost total recovery from a very painful experience.
Aunt Genni

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