Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Weddings

Hello Dear Reader,
About a year and a half after the family moved to McLean they learned that Kent had married LaGena Bowen. Grandpa (Wes) Carter had just had a hemmorhoid operation and couldn't travel to Macon, Georgia where the newlyweds lived and where a wedding reception had been planned for them. Grandma (Mary), Billy, Marilyn, and the man she was dating, Dave Cassidy, left Virginia for a weekend and drove to Georgia for the celebration.

Six months later Marilyn was to marry Dave in the Salt Lake temple. By this time Grandpa had recovered from his surgery so the family piled in the car once more and made a trip to Utah for their wedding.

Grandpa and Grandma decided to buy some property while they were in Utah and bought an old farm house on three acres of land in the Provo River Bottoms. Soon after that Aunt Deon (Smith) accompanied Grandpa, Grandma, and Billy on their return trip to Virginia. A lot had happened in that six-month period of time.
Aunt Genni

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