Monday, September 19, 2011

Really Home

Hello Dear Reader,
By the time spring rolled around, Grandpa, Grandma, and Billy moved back into their home. They were finally really home. Grandpa immediately began remodeling and adding on.  Their home was in terrible condition after such a long absence. I don't know how many renters it had seen but renters are notorious for not taking care of a place and the family was disappointed to find many of the treasures they had thought were safe behind locked and boarded up places were either gone or ruined.

Grandpa added a new family room, kitchen, and utility room. Above the addition he constructed another bedroom and bath. He tore out the old kitchen and stairs leading to the girls' room and made a big living room and dining room. The family had fun picking out brick, paint, paper, carpet, lighting, and other materials to show off the antiques they had accumulated in their travels. It was a labor of love. They were truly really home.
Aunt Genni

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