Friday, September 9, 2011

Tourists Once More

Hello Dear Reader,
Once again the family was able to travel and visit places of interest. We were especially happy to be in the nation's capital where we could learn more about the history of our wonderful country and visit the sites associated with historical events. We also loved visiting the surrounding areas like Mt. Vernon, Appotomax, Fredicksburg, and Montecello. We had all developed an appreciation for antiques which seemed to increase as we travelled and shopped all along the east coast. On one particular trip to New England we stopped at an auction, a memorable event. It was a beautiful autumn day and we gathered under some lovely trees. We soon overcame our natural shyness and joined the fun of bidding for items we fell in love with. We each ended up with some treasures made all the more special because we had been there together as a family.

Living a little farther north afforded us the opportunity to visit many church history sites and feel the spirit as we listened to the events that took place in Vermont, New York, Ohio, and Illinois. The Church was just beginning to acquire and restore places of interest in church history. Grandpa (Wesley) Carter, of course, was supervisor of all restoration of such sites within his area.
Aunt Genni

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