Sunday, September 18, 2011

Seven Years Later

Hello Dear Reader,
In October 1968, Grandpa (Wesley) Carter received a telephone call from Salt Lake City. It was Earl Monson, manager of the Operations and Maintenance Department, asking if Grandpa would be interested in returning to Utah to work  for Operations and Maintenance. Grandpa and Grandma "were overjoyed," to use Grandpa's words, so they packed their belongings in a church truck and their car, and headed for home. It was nearly seven years since they had left to go on their mission.

Because they still had renters in their house in Provo, they temporarily moved into their duplex at 607 North 750 West. Grandpa's new assignment included the southern part of Utah and Nevada. This area encompassed 34 stakes that he was required to visit every month. It didn't matter! They were home at last.
Aunt Genni

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