Friday, September 9, 2011


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Brother Wendall Mendenhall, head of the Building Missionary Program, was released in 1965 so the program in the United States was discontinued. All building missionaries were released and the building supervisors went home. The Church began a new system of using building contractors rather than missionary laborers. This led to the close of the Atlanta office and Grandpa (Wesley) Carter was assigned to be the new area supervisor for the eastern United States.

The family was transferred to Virginia and chose to live in McLean, a beautiful wooded area. This was a more central location for Grandpa because he was now over all church construction east of the Mississippi River from Puerto Rico to Nova Scotia. McClean was across the Potomac River, fifteen minutes from Washington DC.

The changes were hard because Grandma had just had major surgery and Marilyn needed to stay in Atlanta for an additional six weeks to complete her schooling. But by the end of the summer Marilyn had graduated, the family was reunited, Grandma had recuperated, Billly was in school, and Grandpa was becoming familiar with his new position and his new area.
Aunt Genni

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