Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beginning Christmas Traditions

Hello Dear Reader,
Grandpa (Wesley) Carter continued to work on the addition to the Provo City power plant until after the first of the year when it was closed down for the winter. “But,” he said, “We had a wonderful Christmas and holiday together.”

That was the beginning of their tradition of special Christmases. Shopping for just the right Christmas tree was a big deal and it was decorated with great care. First the colored lights went on and had to be evenly spaced. Next the ornaments, colored glass balls and toys, were placed on each branch. Last the silver-colored icicles which were made of lead were hung. It seemed to take hours to hang each individual strand. The icicles were heavy and hung beautifully when separated from each other and carefully placed so the ends never looped but were straight. The tree was totally covered with them. I wish I had a picture of a tree decorated this way so you could see how beautiful they looked back then.
Aunt Genni

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