Monday, July 27, 2009

Construction of Geneva Steel Mill

Hello Dear Reader,
Mary wrote to Wes telling him that a steel plant was going to be built in Vineyard near Provo. The steel mill, named Geneva after a resort once located near Utah Lake, was to be built there because the location was far inland from the west coast making it safer from possible Japanese attacks.

Wes returned to Provo again and was one of the first carpenters to be hired. He helped build most of the temporary facilities for the project. This is what Geneva Steel looked like in November 1942 while under construction.
Aunt Genni


Darcy said...

I didn't know that grandpa helped build Geneva. Thanks for all the wonderful blogs. Maybe you can help us out. Carly has activity days today and needs a five generation pedigree chart. I thought you could help us since you were the expert. Also a fun story about someone. I left you a message on facebook incase you didn't get this one. Thanks

Genni Hall O'Gee said...

Hi Darcy,
Send me your email address and I'll send you a pedigree chart--also go to The Family Thicket to find most of the histories that I have.