Friday, July 17, 2009

Vital Statistics

Hello Dear Reader,
Here are some family vital statistics: Wes was 5’ 10½“tall. He was a dish-water blond with blue eyes. He had the ruddy complexion of a red head. His eyebrows were completely blond. He had full lips that always seemed chapped. His eyes were very sensitive to the sun and often bloodshot. He said his “favorite color was sky-blue pink, the color of his eyes.”

Mary was 5’3” tall and small boned. She had black hair and green eyes. She had large hip bones and said she had inherited “the Ferguson hips.” Her shoulders were very narrow so she was definitely pear shaped. One of her distinguishing features was her hearty, infectious laugh. That trait was one that all of the Halls shared.
Aunt Genni

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Darcy said...

I didn't inherit grandmas small bones I guess I got grandpa big bones.