Monday, January 18, 2010

Overwhelming Responsibility

Hello Dear Reader,
On May 1, 1951 another important event took place. LaGrand Richards, Presiding Bishop of the Church, came to Provo representing the general authorities of the Church. His purpose was to break ground for a new building to house the Rivergrove Wards. Elder Richards charged the members with the responsibility of getting the new chapel built and paid for. There was also a new Stake House to help build along with a seminary building.

This was a difficult time. The attendance of Sacrament meeting was very low (13%) and the attitude of members was negative. Members within the boundaries of the ward had never been asked to do much. I remember Grandpa saying that he prayed that just five active families would move into the ward. It wasn't long until his prayers were answered and the existing ward members began to rally around the new bishopric. Soon Rivergrove 2nd Ward's attendance was the highest in the Stake.
Aunt Genni

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