Sunday, January 17, 2010


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On April 21, 1951 Grandpa (Wesley C.) Carter was sustained bishop of the newly formed Rivergrove 2nd Ward. He could not have forseen that he would have a granddaughter born on that day twenty-five years later. He and Grandma (Mary) made a trip to Salt Lake where he was ordained a bishop and a high priest. Brother and Sister Olsen, Brother Houtz, and Brother and Sister Walker accompanied them. Brother Olsen and Brother Houtz were also ordained high priests. Then Grandpa was set apart as bishop of the Rivergrove 2nd Ward and his counselors and clerk were also set apart.

Following the division of the ward they continued to meet jointly with the Rivergrove 1st Ward. But then it became necessary for Rivergrove 2nd to move into the old Pioneer Ward building which was being remodeled. Grandpa said, "What a mess!"
Aunt Genni

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That's cool! I never knew that before but I don't think I'll forget it now.