Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Counselors and Clerks

Hello Dear Reader,
The Stake Presidency told Grandpa (Wes) Carter to go home and pray about who he should have for counselors and clerks and report back to them by the middle of the week. He knew without any doubt who his counselors should be--he chose Arland Olsen as 1st counselor and Blaine Houtz as 2nd counselor; he chose LeMar Mangum as ward clerk with Russell Walker as financial clerk.

His counselors had both been teammates on the Pioneer Ward Basketball team. Blaine was 21 years old and had just returned from a mission, but Wes had prayed about this several times and always got the same answer--Blaine should be a counselor. Here's a photo of the basketball team they played on. Arland (Cory) is number 5; Blaine, 6; and Wes, 11. Isn't it interesting how lives seem to connect and paths cross?
Aunt Genni

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