Saturday, December 26, 2009

Growing Confidence

Hello Dear Reader,
When Grandpa (Wes) became active he became really active. It wasn't long until he was called to be Sunday School superintendent. Meanwhile he and Mary participated in church dances and other activities. He really began to love being in the spotlight. In fact, he became quite the thespian and participated in several plays and skits. He also continued to play church basketball and softball. As he became acquainted with more people he became more and more confident.

This is a photo of Wes Carter, Corey Olsen, Harold Curtiss, and Odessa Snow in the play, "The Haunted House." It was performed in the Rivergrove Ward.
Aunt Genni

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My mother, Elda Mae Lewis Billings, directed many of these plays. As a tiny tag-a-long I loved watching her apply stage make-up. The smell of grease paint still brings fond memories.