Saturday, December 19, 2009

End of the Semester

Hello Dear Reader,
The semester is over. The papers are in. The finals are taken. Even the Christmas cards are written. It's been a hard semester for me--possibly because I missed Mom, possibly because it's just hard to get this old brain working and unthinking bad habits picked up over the years. I would like to say that I'll do better about blogging next semester--and that is a possible New Year's resolution--but I'll just have to see. I have 2 days to organize, pack, and leave for Florida for Christmas.

It will be wonderful to see my girls and grandchildren. I think I look forward to seeing my sons-in-law too (just kidding Patrick and David; I'm anxious to see you as well).

My "Historian's Craft" class was hard but I learned a lot about researching and a lot about New Portage, Ohio and the events that took place there. That's where Eliza Darrow Fifield Bates McNeill lived with at least 2 of her husbands. My paper ended up being 11 pages + bibliography. If anyone is interested in reading it let me know.

I'll try to post a couple more times before I leave for Christmas break.
Aunt Genni

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