Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Hello Dear Reader,
Christmas eve was almost as wonderful as Christmas morning because it was Grandpa's birthday--or so we thought. We usually had our Christmas dinner on Christmas eve because it was Grandpa's birthday dinner. We came to think that was the best time to have it; the next day the refrigerator was filled with leftovers that we could eat as we wanted.

When we were very young Uncle Elmo (Carter), Wes's brother had the most wonderful Santa Claus suit and he always made a trip to our house in the evening. He wore sleigh bells across his chest and came running up the sidewalk singing in his beautiful baritone voice, "Here comes Santa Claus." He would come in the front door (remember we didn't have a fireplace) and acted surprised that we weren't in bed yet. Then he took each one on his knee and asked us to remind him what we had asked for. Then he sang a few Christmas songs with us, told us to get to bed so he could come back when we were asleep, and ran out the door and down the sidewalk singing.

Is it any wonder I love Christmas?
Aunt Genni

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Darcy said...

That is such a cute memory!