Monday, June 28, 2010

Grandma Hall

Hello Dear Reader,
Having Grandma (Caroline Ferguson) Hall move into our old house was a blessing for the whole family. Grandpa (Wes), in writing his history, said, "What a joy and comfort it has been to live next door to Grandma Hall all of these years and to witness her faith and wisdom in helping us rear our children. I have often said, 'If all mother-in-laws were as good as mine there would never be any jokes about mother-in laws."

We all loved being able to run over to visit with Grandma. She was not just a blessing to our family but also to the ward. She taught the 'theology" lesson in the Rivergrove II Ward Relief Society for years and years. Just recently I had an old acquaintance tell me that she received her testimony and her basis in the gospel from Grandma Hall's theology lessons.
Aunt Genni

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