Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Visit of Le Grande Richards

Hello Dear Reader,
Between June 2, 1951 when Le Grande Richards, the presiding bishop of the LDS church, came to Provo for the groundbreaking of the Rivergrove Ward Chapel and December 27, 1953 when he came to Provo again for the dedication of the building, he was made an apostle.

It was Grandpa (Wes) and Grandma (Mary) Carter's privilege to have him and his wife in our home for dinner. Others at the dinner included the other members of the bishopric, the bishopric of the Rivergrove 1st Ward, and the West Utah Stake presidency along with all of their spouses.

After dinner Elder Richards toured the building with the priesthood leaders and then he spoke in sacrament meeting and offered the dedicatory prayer. He kissed LeAnn on the forehead and she said she would never wash her face again! It was a wonderful occassion.
Aunt Genni

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