Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Many Blessings

Hello Dear Reader,
Somewhere I have a photo of Grandpa (Wes) and Grandma (Mary) Carter's newly completed house. It appeared a little different than it does now. When (and if) I find it, I'll post the picture so you can see the difference.

Grandpa and Grandma felt very blessed financially and spiritually for the next several years. Grandpa said, "Everyone worked hard in the ward and gave of their time and means freely without any reservations. Consequently the new ward chapel was finished and paid for and ready for dedication by December of 1953 . . . it was a glorious occasion." Grandpa was then agent bishop and had the responsibility of seeing that the building was paid for and dedicated.

Who knew how many memories would be made in that building and the blessings that would occur there.
Aunt Genni

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