Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dating Dilemmas

Hello Dear Reader,
Mary (Hall) continued to have lots of dates in high school. Sometimes her family circumstances were an embarrassment to her. Although the lane they lived down seemed a half mile long, it wasn’t. But it was muddy a lot.

One time Mary had a date with Shavey Argyle. In order to pick her up, he rolled his pants legs up to his knees and trod up the muddy lane after her. Mary put on her galoshes and they started out. The mud was so sticky that it sucked her galoshes right off her feet.

They were going to an “Elder’s dance,” one of those put on weekly by the Elders Quorum. They went to the Argyle home first and tried to clean the mud off their legs and feet so they would be somewhat presentable. She said, “It was horrible!”
Aunt Genni

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