Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Transportation by Sleigh

Hello Dear Reader,
Sometimes, in winter when the snow was deep, school buses didn’t run. One year when Grandma (Mary Hall) Carter was in high school it was cold (below zero) and snowy so a big sleigh was brought to the school in Spanish Fork to transport all the kids who lived way out in the country.

When Mary arrived at her house she saw her dad was home pacing up and down waiting for her. She decided to put on a show for him. She said, “Oh, I’m frozen, I’m frozen. I can’t stand it. I’m just stiff I’m so cold. Grandpa (Laning) Hall said, “Throw her in the snow. Throw her in the snow.” Apparently it was a common belief that to treat frost bite the victim should be rubbed with snow. Grandpa tried to wrestle her down but she fought him for all she was worth. She wasn’t that frozen.
Aunt Genni

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