Friday, June 19, 2009

The Rescue

Hello Dear Reader,
As they worked together, Boyd Christiansen and Grandpa (Wes) Carter continued to be good friends. During the Christmas holidays in 1938 they went skating on Utah Lake with another friend Don Waterlyn. Boyd and Wes skated along together until the ice broke and they went into the icy water. They tried to climb out but the ice kept breaking under their weight.

Boyd had presence of mind enough to tell Wes to take off his coat. Boyd took his off as well. They threw them to Don who tied the sleeves together to form a makeshift rope. By throwing the “rope” back Don was able to pull Boyd and Wes out of the water. By the time they reached shore their clothes were frozen stiff and they could hardly walk. They were lucky. I personally know of four people who drowned in Utah Lake by unknowingly skating onto thin ice or into warm springs.

When Wes got home Grandma (Annie Blake) Carter made him get in a tub of hot water. Wes didn’t even get a cold.
Aunt Genni

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