Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hello Dear Reader,
Grandpa (Wes) continued to see Grandma (Mary) at Anna Stone’s house. He said he could tell that she wasn’t really interested in Boyd Christiansen so he started flirting with her and after a few weeks they started dating.

Mary went home to Lake Shore on weekends. Wes, by saving his meager earnings, had bought himself a 1938 Plymouth coupe. The car eliminated one obstacle to their courting as he could then go to Lake Shore each weekend to see Mary as well as seeing her three or four other times during the week.

The next obstacle was Grandpa (Laning) Hall with his checker board.
Aunt Genni

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FOREVER YOUNGblood said...

I love hearing all these stories about Mary and Wes. It is funny to hear how Mary felt toward Wes in the begining.