Thursday, January 22, 2009

Family Trivia

Hello Dear Reader,
Tonight I think I'll share some trivia about our family with you. Did you know ?: 1. Grandpa Carter (Wesley) didn't know his birthday was on Christmas day (not Christmas eve) until he was 43 years old. He had to get a copy of his birth certificate in order to obtain a passport before we went to England. 2. Grandpa Hall (Laning) hated having a bald head and tried several cures including cutting the top off from an old hat and and sunburning his head until it peeled and peeled. He then claimed he thought he could see some fuzz growing. 3. Grandma Carter (Annie Blake) sewed 17 patches on a favorite dress when she was a child. Her mother told her, "Patch beside patch is neighborly but patch upon patch is beggarly." She then told Annie it was time to throw the dress away. 4. Grandpa Hall (Jasper--Laning's dad) was a great athlete. He was such a good ice skater that he could skate his name, "Jasper," in cursive into the ice. 5. Grandma Carter (Mary Hall) had a pet crow named Buddy. 6. Grandma (Caroline Ferguson) Hall's grandmother (Harriet Bradford Simmons) smoked a pipe.
That should give you some things to think about tonight.
Aunt Genni


Jill said...

I love reading about my grandparents and great grandparents. Thanks for the post.

Carter said...

I love these tidbits of information that put some personality to the names of our ancestors. It's really interesting to know where I come from.

Andrea Christman said...

Great idea! I think the little tidbits are what make all the photographs and documents come to life!