Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Practical Joke

Hello Dear Reader,
Some of you may know that Grandpa (Wes) Carter’s Grandpa, William Blake, who was a Mormon pioneer, became blind in his old age. After William’s first wife, Mary Lake Blake, died, he married Arabella Smith. He and Arabella moved in with the Carters in Provo which didn’t make the children very happy because, apparently, Grandpa Blake was quite grumpy. Wes and his brothers didn’t like him very much.

Annie (Wes’s mother—Grandpa Blake’s daughter) was a good cook but one night when she made biscuits she forgot the baking powder and the biscuits, of course, did not rise at all. Uncle Ed decided it would be a good joke to put some of the hard biscuits on Grandpa Blake’s plate. The children waited to see their grandfather's reaction.

The whole family had to laugh when Grandpa Blake ate the biscuits and asked for more. He said, “These biscuits taste just like the ones we had crossing the plains.”
Aunt Genni

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