Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hello Dear Reader,
When Grandpa (Wesley) Carter began high school in the fall of 1935 he made the football team. The coach was Glen Simmons who I had as an algebra teacher many years later. Anyway, Coach Simmons put together what looked like a good football team. Unfortunately, although they tied their first game, they couldn't seem to win.

On Wednesday October 23, there was an article in The Daily Herald saying the team was going to Ely, Nevada to play on Friday. Three of the major players, along with some others, decided not to go. They were going deer hunting instead. That left twenty-one members of the team to play White Pines high school. This article was the first to mention Wes—probably his first trip out of state. The team won 19-6. The writer said they finally came into their own and played great football for the first time that year. Interesting.
Aunt Genni

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