Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Reunions

Hello Dear Reader,
On Thursday, the day after Grandma (Mary) Carter's funeral, Anne and I left at noon to drive to Florida. Knowing there was to be a reunion of the McNeill (half-siblings and cousins of Mark G. Fifield) descendants in Iowa the previous day through Friday, we opted for the northern route hoping to arrive in time for some activities. We ate supper in Cheyenne, Wyoming and drove on until 10:30 when we stopped in Nebraska the first night.

We continued our trip on Friday. When we realized we wouldn't be in Fort Madison in time for the last scheduled activity we left the freeway and drove south before continuing east. We went through beautiful Iowa country and through Oskaloosa, Mahaska County. We traveled across other counties the Ballingers and Fifields lived in.

We felt Grandma would have been pleased to know the efforts we were making to reunite with distant places and people.
Aunt Genni

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