Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scarlet Fever

Hello Dear Reader,
I don’t know how many sophomore games were played in the 1935-36 season. There were only 3 reported in the Herald. The last one reported was March 6, 1936. The article said, “Provo Second Team Overwhelms Lehi. Grandpa (Wes) didn’t score at all that game.

The varsity team saw a lot of success that season. They were at a disadvantage sometimes as one forward came down with scarlet fever and was out of play for several weeks. Towards the end of the season another forward came down with scarlet fever. The team, however, lost only one game during regular play—to American Fork. Provo beat American Fork on March 8 to tie for first place in the Alpine district. In the final game American fork beat Provo 29-25 and went on to state. They didn’t win state but Grandpa had a lot of pride in the Provo High team his sophomore year. He was happy to be associated with them.
Aunt Genni

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