Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Summer Work

Hello Dear Reader,
In the summer (I think before Wes’s junior year in high school) he got a job at Pacific States Cast Iron and Pipe Company as a molder. The job paid about $50 a week. If you want to calculate what that translates to in today's dollars, click on The Inflation Calculator (to the right on this page) enter $50, then 1936, then 2009. Grandpa made a lot of money that summer! He said he was able to get a job with the company because they wanted him to play ball for them. He was on their softball team.

As I searched microfilm I came across many articles in the Evening Herald and Sunday Herald about “Provo Pipe’s softball team.” They did very well. All of this is to let you know what a competitor Grandpa (Wes) Carter was.
Aunt Genni

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