Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Washington DC to Louisiana

Hello Dear Reader,
Grandpa (Wes) Carter's area encompassed all of the southern states from Washington DC to Louisiana. He was over 64 building missionaries along with 16 supervisors and their families. In addition he had four other men on the office staff (their families were missionaries too just as our family had been in England, and still was, for that matter) and five girls who were also called as "building missionaries." (They obviously didn't build chapels but served secretarial, clerk, and accounting functions in the office.)

Grandpa and Grandma became close friends to some of the supervisors and their families. They had the satisfaction of seeing some beautiful chapels built and witnessed the boys develop, shape up, and learn trades to last them throughout their lives.

The family attended the Atlanta 1st Ward on Ponce de Leon close to downtown Atlanta. The natives pronounced the name of the street, "Ponce de Lyn." Can you imagine that with a Southern accent?
Aunt Genni

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Jill said...

I've driven on Ponce de Leon in the last year. I had no idea there was a LDS church there. And yes, I actually can imagine that pronunciation with a southern accent. :)